Elektra Collektive Unconscious ECU

Return of the Orouboros: Multiple Heads

Recording with Elektra Collektive Unconscious (ECU) Trans-genre structured improvisation with spoken word.

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Minimalist and meliflouous improvised music for flute and violin.

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Solo improvisation based on the slow mvt from JS Bach's Partita in A minor for solo flute. From the CD Earthgods.

Audio Recordings not on CD

Carla's Flute Slide for solo flute.

Tucana Earthgods written by Carla for the Tucana Flute Quartet. Recorded live St James Church, Sydney, 1999.

Sandlines written by Carla for the Liverpool Biennale of Art, UK, 1999. Part of a collection of artist's soundworks.

 Toning written by Carla and  performed with Moshlo on violin. For me, it's reminiscent of the sounds of a deep meditation. From the Earthgods, Yoga of Sound CD

Improvisation based on Rodriguez Guitar Concerto, 2nd mvt. with Michael Askill playing Himalayan singing bowls  he collected in Nepal

Another Improvisation with Michael Askill on singing bowls. It was wonderful to play with something so spacious

An improvisation with Michael Askill on Himalyan singing bowls. Be patient - it has a quiet start.

Ravings in the Wilderness

For flute, piano, percussion, electric viola, beats

Tango Paradiso's first CD with Paul Hankinson on piano and Marina Varney vocals as well as our regulars Roly Adeney, Moshlo, Andrew Shaw and John Varney

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The 3rd mvt from Piazzolla's Histoire du Tango - "Nightclub 1960" based on the tango style from that time. Played with Robert Clancy on guitar.

The 4th mvt from Piazzolla's suite Histoire du Tango - "Concert d'ajourd hui" written in a contemporary style. With Robert Clancy on guitar.

My favourite track from the Tango Paradiso album - Astor Piazzolla's  "Oblivion". I love to perform this at the end of a long night of  tango

We recorded this in Buenos Aires with our wonderful pianist and arranger Facundo Bericat.

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